Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Month That Was....April

Yey we finally had sunshine!

Ok so it might have been sunny but it still hasn't been that warm, can't wait for some lovely long, warm, sunny summer evenings.

I also had some kind of tonsillitis/viral infection in my throat which made me have 3 days off work as felt rubbish and my throat still hasn't gone back to normal but I don't feel ill anymore.

Apart from that I started my diet which you probably know so I'll be continuing that until the end of June at least.

All in all I think April has been a pretty boring month, apart from deciding that next year I'm going to get a BMW. I can get one for only £10 a year extra on my insurance so I thought I might as well spend my money on something I've wanted for a few years so all my savings are going to be spent on that.

Hope you had a good month!


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