Saturday, 1 September 2012

The month that was..... August

Wow August has been and gone. It will soon be christmas before we know it.

August began with the Olympics ending. I was kind of sad that it finished as even though I didn't plan on watching much of it I watched something everyday and was really getting into it. The closing ceremony was really good and I stayed up to watch it all which meant that I spent the rest of the week catching up on sleep I missed!

I also redecorated my bedroom. I moved back home a year ago and decided it was time I had a change from turquoise that my mum decorated my room in when I left home last time! I decided on zebra print wallpaper and beige/light brown walls. Sounds horrible but I think you'll agree it looks pretty damn good!

I also got new storage boxes from Matalan for my shoes and handbags to go on top of my wardrobes but I could have done with another one as I had more stuff than I realised and I also got a cute flower laser cut light shade.

And I got a new curtain pole and new curtains but they're not that exciting!

I've also been at my new job a whole month now and I feel like I'm getting there with knowing stuff and multi tasking which can be quite hard in my job. But I'm still liking it so that's the main point!

And one last thing that happened this month is that my car lost it's plastic grille thing that sits in the front bumper. No idea where it went or how long it's been gone but a new one is on it's way to me from the power of eBay!

So that was my month, how was your August?

Oh and a quick piccy of a double rainbow I spotted out my bedroom window :-) 


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