Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bath and Body Works shower gels

Since I got some Bath and Body Works shower gels back in June I've been itching to try them out and the first two I tried were Coconut Lime Breeze and Malibu Heat.

Coconut Lime Breeze is scented with, surprise surprise, coconut and lime! Unlike some products where the scents can sometimes smell synthetic this smelt like fresh coconut and lime which was really uplifting to use in the morning.

Malibu Heat is scented with pineapple, orange and coconut and it is a richer, more intense fragrance which I loved using at the end of the day as I found the scent relaxing. 

The shower gels in general are really good quality. A little goes a very long way and they lather up really well. The scent wafted round my bathroom and did last a long time.

Overall I am very impressed with these shower gels and will definitely be buying more, I just wish Bath and Body Works delivered to the UK!


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