Monday, 28 June 2010

Brand Focus - Paul's Boutique - love or hate?

This is a new idea I've had about choosing a brand, mainly clothing and accessories and not beauty brands, and seeing what people think about it. Not only will this, hopefully, gain an insight into it's popularity but I think it'll also gain an insight into current and future trends. I'll try to do one of these every week.

First up this week is Paul's Boutique.

This is a brand that makes clothing and accessories and it's priced from £18 for a small purse up to £70 for an oversized bag.

Before now when I'd think of Paul's Boutique I'd think of, amongst others, chavvy, over priced and tacky. But now, and I don't know why, I'm seriously considering buying a Paul's Boutique handbag.

Below are three photos (from ASOS), two purses and one handbag, which I'm debating whether or not 1. they're worth the money, 2. they're not any of the things mentioned above and 3. if I can bear to part with the £30-£55 ish to buy them.
The last bag from the Paul's Boutique Barbie range which ranges from £35 - £80.

I really quite like this bag but my vanity gets the better of me when considering about purchasing it as I don't think I'd dare take it out with me!
What do you think of Paul's Boutique? Do you own anything from the brand? And have you ever put off buying something because you're too vain to wear or use it in public? I think if we're all honest we all have!


Olivia said...

This brand seems to have become so popular! Personally I don't own anything from it, but I have been looking. I'm just not sure whether it's worth spending the money on! It will probably go out of fashion soon once the hype is over. xx

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