Sunday, 27 June 2010

NOTD - OPI and Nailene

I recently bought the OPI Shrek mini nails collection and even though I have used all 4 colours this is the first time I've painted my nails for them to last more than a day (e.g. I've used base and top coat, applied 2 coats etc.)

This is the purple (Rumple's Wiggin') colour from the collection and it's a gorgeous lilac shade. I applied 2 coats of it so I got a more solid colour and then sealed with my Nails Inc A&E (this isn't a top or base coat but I always use it and my nails last sooo much longer with it).

I bought some Nailene nail art stickers a few weeks ago so I stuck them on.

You get four sheets in a pack for about £4 something and all you do is peel them off and stick them on your nail. They are super sticky so make sure you get them in the right position before applying to your nails. On the back of the packet it does say to seal with a top coat but I haven't bothered. A few of the flowers are not quite where I wanted them but they'll have to do. My thumbs have butterflies on but my camera wouldn't photograph them.

All in all I think this is a good first attempt. I'm taking advantage of being able to wear nail varnish whilst being off work for a week. I work in a shop putting stock out and super sticky sticky tape off boxes and nail varnish don't mix!


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