Sunday, 4 July 2010

Brand Focus - Radley

This weeks brand focus is on.....
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This is a brand which focuses on bags and accessories and prices start from around £15 for a keyring up to £300+ for a leather bag.

When I used to see a Radley bag it was usually on a woman who looked 'well off' and was probably a bit snotty (entirely my own opinion). How things have changed.

The range is now very varied with something for everyone but it's prices don't reflect this. Ok so maybe £60 for a shoulder bag isn't that expensive but they are plain and boring and lets face it, if it were me I'd want to go all out and get something that stands out and not a boring black/brown leather bag which has cost me this much just for the name and a fancy dog tag.

(Something a bit different but small, similar bag and size £30 from

(Decent size but a boring option, £69-£95)

I think Radley may have noticed this and they have now introduced oilskin into their range. Oilskin is fabric which has oil impregnated in it to make it waterproof. It has many of the same features of leather including being waterproof and durable but it gives you the option of having a pattern, which you can't do with leather.
(Oilskin bag, prices £50-£80)

This now means that someone like me, who want to own a premium brand but doesn't like boring bland things, can own something a bit different but for a reasonable price.

I love the oilskin designs, particularly the crazy dog range. When walking past a shop in my local town which sells Radley bags, one of these were in the window and it immediately caught my eye and followed it was "£49 for a Radley bag of that size. That's not bad" (unfortunately the bag I saw isn't on the Radley website). Because of this I think oilskin will be a roaring success.

What do you think of Radley? Do you like the new oilskin fabric? Do you think it'll be a success?


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